Cold in Jiangning

It has been rather cold here of late- that is to say hovering just above freezing. This has thrown up a couple of oddities:

1) It has led to the curious sight, one I have yet to capture on film, of groups of heavily wrapped up locals chatting to men wearing nothing but their skimpies having just emerged from their morning lake swim, in freezing conditions.

2) It has also given the rather strange fountain / sculpture outside the Jinling Hotel, ‘affectionately’ known as the ‘rubbish dump’ or ‘steaming elephant poop’, a rather funky makeover. Please note the effects in the photographs here are caused by the constant spray which during the good weather makes it look like it is steaming!

(By the way I went and googled the… monstrosity… and couldn’t find a single image online… and that is saying something.)

Ice can turn anything interesting.

Ice can turn anything interesting.

Ready for it's close up...

Ready for it’s close up…


About Maitiu

I am a collection of aspects. A father, a husband, an uncle, a son, a teacher, an aspiring writer, an amateur photographer, a poor guitar player, a slightly better singer... Online however I am a 365er looking to find out what people make of my personal poetic musings and my photographs. Drop a penny in an old man's hat and let me know what you think... (Leave a comment!)
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