She Dances Wild

She Dances Wild.


She squeezes herself into skin tight jeans

For another night on the tiles.

And all the while in her heart she knows

She’s never going to follow through.


Her heart was sold, such long time ago

For the chance of a smile and an open hand,

To a lonely man who just didn’t understand

The worth she held inside.


She paints her face and hopes tonight

Her dreams will all come true.

But inside the truth is just a little too real

That it burns- too hot, too cold.


She puts out the fire with an experienced hand

Eyes shut tight and another neat dose

Of tequila and smiles, as she goes

Through motions all over again.


About Maitiu

I am a collection of aspects. A father, a husband, an uncle, a son, a teacher, an aspiring writer, an amateur photographer, a poor guitar player, a slightly better singer... Online however I am a 365er looking to find out what people make of my personal poetic musings and my photographs. Drop a penny in an old man's hat and let me know what you think... (Leave a comment!)
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2 Responses to She Dances Wild

  1. Babs Bradley says:

    A little on the sad side for such a bright day

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