Spot the Haiku

We had a cold snap here last week. Monday night there fell at least six inches of snow and by Friday night there was nothing. Saturday was a mild morning. The weather here can change on a dime.

Tonight is the Lantern Festival and from the balmy afternoon of silence and contemplation we are again in the middle of a spectacular war zone- flashes and bangs are everywhere as China celebrates the end of the New Year Celebrations.

So I celebrate this week with a ‘Spot-the-Haiku’ competition…keep those postcards coming!

Nanjing Centre

Nanjing Centre




About Maitiu

I am a collection of aspects. A father, a husband, an uncle, a son, a teacher, an aspiring writer, an amateur photographer, a poor guitar player, a slightly better singer... Online however I am a 365er looking to find out what people make of my personal poetic musings and my photographs. Drop a penny in an old man's hat and let me know what you think... (Leave a comment!)
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