Another along a similar theme.

So yesterday I was feeling rather ill. Ahh, poor me! Today we hit the town. Raining in Nanjing, photos awaiting development. But it made me think that, when the future is so uncertain we must embrace what we have.


What shall I do today?

I might stay in bed
And consider how the world would see me
If I was dead or removed
Like an unwanted wart.

I may sport a new beard
And, though it’s weird to say,
I might brighten my day by
Counting the times I am winked at.

While I am at it, I might chat
With stranger in a bar.
Ask them who they are and where
Are they from? Where’re they bound?

I might inhale the sound of a fly
Passing by my ear at work
Or lurking by my drink,
Waiting for me to brush it away.

That’s what I might do today.
For today will never be tomorrow
And all to soon be yesterday:
An ageing, fading memory.

So what will you do today?


About Maitiu

I am a collection of aspects. A father, a husband, an uncle, a son, a teacher, an aspiring writer, an amateur photographer, a poor guitar player, a slightly better singer... Online however I am a 365er looking to find out what people make of my personal poetic musings and my photographs. Drop a penny in an old man's hat and let me know what you think... (Leave a comment!)
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