A quiet day.

I have spent the day…what have I done? It has been one of those days spent just organising things at home. A rainy winter’s day that fades. Then a quiet evening playing music in the local bar. Nevertheless I have enjoyed myself. Here is a photograph from my wander two days ago around the Confuscious Gardens…and of course a little haiku. I really must prepare a full poem…maybe tomorrow.

Just hold on and breath.
Tomorrow this will be just
Fading memories.

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I have been imbibing the fruits of the vine today; perhaps too much. I have been with friends and I thank them for the warmth they afford me. So tonight a photograph and a pithy haiku I may regret in the morning but hey… Such is life.


Sad but true.
I have no ego
Save when I am with my friends.
Then it’s my failing.

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Shirkle Flife.

Shirkle Flife. 

Ego strate to top-
Get shtatue when ego dy.
Now birds shit on hed.

Dignity for the statue overlooking O'Connell Bridge, Dublin

Dignity for the statue overlooking O’Connell Bridge, Dublin

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Happy New Year

In China we are welcoming the year of the horse. There is no doubt this is going to be a year of change for us and I look forward to it, embrace it as I look to see what new things it brings.

So as the fireworks besiege us I would wish you all a happy new year; Let’s make it a good one…



Broken, battle-scarred
Where I fought my way to you.
Yet that was my path.

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To My Tortoise

‘To My Tortoise.’


My lids hang heavy o’er my eyes

The coffee’s stale upon my tongue

My world is slow yet moves too fast,

My race, now over, is lost and won.


And hare it is I languidly lie,

Drained by evening’s mellowing sun

In false retirement I sit, at last,

I pause a while, till time hath done.


So sit with me, together sigh

Trying to remember yesteryear’s fun

Where now death’s spectral shadow is cast

And we, the forgotten, no longer run.


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Spider Thoughts

It’s been a while I know… but…well this might explain things…

Image: Isle of Man '02

Image: Isle of Man ’02

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That holiday feeling


A large Hoegaarden
And the heady scent of love:
Springtime’s perfect balm.

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