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Pickthanks and Naysayers

Last week, two things jumped out at me: the word ‘pickthanks’ (which was to become a favourite) and a photograph from 1936. Well…the following was the result…   Why I Wear My Cross. In a world of pickthanks, he stood out- … Continue reading

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That holiday feeling

A large Hoegaarden And the heady scent of love: Springtime’s perfect balm.

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Familiar Do you know that familiar feeling When the words won’t Stop like a dripping Tap Endlessly pouring From an over-tapped reservoir Of conflicting emotions? And you want to ask yourself a question  But you can not guarantee the answer … Continue reading

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Aaaah I missed a post!

I can’t quite place my finger on why I missed it. Answers on a postcard please!

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She Dances Wild

She Dances Wild.   She squeezes herself into skin tight jeans For another night on the tiles. And all the while in her heart she knows She’s never going to follow through.   Her heart was sold, such long time … Continue reading

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To The International Award

I was encouraging the students to write sonnets recently and they chose to set me one to write. A previous class had set a fun one- the Year Seven Sonnet I posted earlier, so these students set me a more … Continue reading

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A School Teacher’s Sonnet

A little poetry, a sonnet from an idle brain…  

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