To The International Award

I was encouraging the students to write sonnets recently and they chose to set me one to write. A previous class had set a fun one- the Year Seven Sonnet I posted earlier, so these students set me a more serious topic- The International Award (DOE). I thought I might post it here…just for the craic…

The International Award

The International Bronze Award

Our main aim is to help develop self:

Through ‘Skills’, develop art and interest,

Through ‘Physical’, develop health and rest

Through ‘Service’, opportunity to help.

In all, we teach the skills of Leadership:

Initiative and ways to organise

Yourself and others, to be wise

In life- to be the hand and not the lip.

The expedition: greatest fun of all

The bit that everybody tends to like

The camping out; the cooking; and the hike-

Understanding nature’s great and small.

But most of all, we merely lend a hand

In helping you become the best you can.


About Maitiu

I am a collection of aspects. A father, a husband, an uncle, a son, a teacher, an aspiring writer, an amateur photographer, a poor guitar player, a slightly better singer... Online however I am a 365er looking to find out what people make of my personal poetic musings and my photographs. Drop a penny in an old man's hat and let me know what you think... (Leave a comment!)
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